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Royal Versa-Turn Live Center

Royal Versa-Turn Live Center


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Extremely Free Turning – Great for Thin Parts

The Royal Versa-Turn™ Live Center is an exceptional multi-purpose live center that is proudly manufactured in the United States. It is specifically designed to handle most common turning tasks and its unique and innovative design makes it an ideal choice for thin parts that could bend when subjected to high thrust loads. With its two-in-one capabilities, this live center offers excellent value for cost-conscious manufacturers.


  1. Two precision radial ball bearings give the Versa-Turn high RPM ratings.
  2. Both sections of rotating point are guaranteed to +–0.00005" TIR.
  3. Extended front section of point is used for parts with standard center holes and provides excellent tool clearance.
  4. Rear bull-head section of point is great for tubes and parts with large center holes.
  5. Thrust bearing provides high axial load ratings for long operating life.
  6. Close-fitting head eliminates contact seal, resulting in an extremely free turning center. Great for thin parts that could bend under high thrust loads when using a stiffer center.
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