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Royal Spring Type Live Center

Royal Spring Type Live Center


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Manufactured in the United States, the Royal Spring Type Live Center features a unique spring-loaded point that effectively compensates for thermal expansion in workpieces. Its low-profile design allows for exceptional tool clearance and is offered with both standard and extended points. This versatile tool can even be utilized in the turret of sub-spindle machines to overcome hydraulic compensation limitations.


  1. Point and body are hardened for wear resistance and long life.
  2. +– 0.0005" TIR guaranteed.
  3. Visual reference groove indicates point travel.
  4. Neoprene seal protects bearings from contaminants.
  5. Twin needle bearings separated by a steel spacer support the entire length of the rotating point.
  6. Heavy springs allow the point to slide axially while ensuring that it remains seated in the workpiece center hole.
  7. A special thrust bearing handles the axial loads.
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