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Royal Off-The-Shelf "Special" Live Center

Royal Off-The-Shelf "Special" Live Center


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One of Royal’s strengths as a leading live center manufacturer is their ability to design and build custom centers to address non-standard applications. However, there are two major drawbacks that are almost always associated with custom-made centers: longer lead times and higher prices.

As an ISO company dedicated to continuous improvement, Royal decided to see if it might be possible to categorize special centers according to their similarities, and then offer a few new standard models that could handle most jobs.

Royal's engineers analyzed the prints of hundreds of special centers that we had manufactured over several years, and the results were shocking – over 90% of customers’ special needs could be covered with just five new point styles.

  1. Full-diameter long point for shaft work and parts with large center holes.
  2. A reduced-diameter long point for use when greater clearance is needed.
  3. A small bull-nose point for use with tubes or parts with large center holes.
  4. A female point with a 90° included angle for locating on OD part chamfers.
  5. A male point with a 90° included angle for locating on internal part chamfers.

Royal chose the High-Precision Quad-Bearing model for Off-The-Shelf "Specials" for the following reasons:

  1. Very Rigid Bearing Arrangement
  2. Exclusive Roto-Shield™ Technology
  3. Low-Profile Head
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