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Royal High-Precision CNC Quad-Bearing Live Center

Royal High-Precision CNC Quad-Bearing Live Center


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Proudly Made in the U.S.A. and perfect for precise turning, grinding, and hard-turning. Constructed with a precision, preloaded bearing assembly that delivers unmatched rigidity and accuracy. Features a low-profile head and extended point to maximize tool clearance. Equipped with the exclusive Roto-Shield™ coolant slinger and upgraded seal to enhance bearing protection for extended longevity. The body and point are both hardened and ground to ensure durability and extended usage.


  1. Low-profile head and extended point provide exceptional tool clearance.
  2. +– 0.00005" TIR guaranteed.
  3. Bearing life is significantly extended with the exclusive Royal Roto-Shield™ coolant slinger and a long-life, spring-loaded seal that is resistant to abrasion, high temperatures, and virtually all metalworking fluids.
  4. Three precision angular-contact bearings are secured to the point with a locknut to form a rigid, preloaded assembly. This design is similar to a machine tool spindle cartridge and provides outstanding accuracy and rigidity.
  5. The point extends into the body where it is supported by a needle roller bearing, which further increases rigidity, reduces point deflection, and dampens vibration.
  6. Body and point are hardened and ground for strength and extended operating life.
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