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Royal Grippex 20L Coolant-Actuated CNC Bar Puller

Royal Grippex 20L Coolant-Actuated CNC Bar Puller


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Replacement parts for this Bar Puller are available here.

  • The Royal Grippex 20L bar puller is actuated by a CNC lathe's coolant system. As coolant is fed through the unit, it pushes a piston forward which causes the fingers to close around the bar stock. When the coolant is turned off, the fingers automatically spring open.
  • Self-adjusting mechanism – fingers will close down until they contact the bar stock so no presetting is necessary. This feature allows the Grippex to make multiple pulls on the same workpiece, even after the OD has been turned.
  • Unit can also be operated by air pressure.

When fitted with robot gripper jaws, the Grippex can:

  1. Remove a bar remnant from a bar-fed lathe and drop it into the parts catcher. This eliminates the risk of the remnant falling into the chip conveyor where it can become jammed and cause damage.
  2. Remove a finished workpiece from a sub-spindle and place it into the parts catcher. This eliminates the need for ejectors and also allows the sub-spindle to swallow longer parts.

Benefits of Royal Grippex 20L Coolant-Actuated CNC Bar Pullers:

  1. The Grippex has a wide gripping range of 1/8" - 3 1/8". Higher capacity gripping fingers are also available.
  2. Very high gripping force and smooth operation is achieved through an optimized mechanism where each finger pivots on two roller bearings. As little as 15 psi of coolant pressure is enough to enable the Grippex to pull a 210 lb. bar! 
  3. Thick-walled heavy-duty construction helps to protect unit and allows it to be used at coolant pressures of up to 280 psi.
  4. Hardened finger inserts reduce wear and help the Grippex penetrate hard materials like stainless steel.
  5. Input ports for coolant or air.
  6. Three-finger design is superior for gripping both round and hex stock. Special two-finger model also available. Contact Us for information.
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