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Royal Changeable-Point Live Center

Royal Changeable-Point Live Center


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Available Interchangeable Points

Manufactured in the United States, the Royal Changeable-Point Live Center is a versatile tool that can handle a variety of turning tasks with its interchangeable points. This center comes standard with a #3 60° male point, and additional points can be purchased separately. Its unique taper/thread design allows for effortless point interchangeability and guarantees precision.


  1. *Accuracy is guaranteed to be +– 0.00005" TIR as long as the points are installed on the live center to which they have been match-ground. When a customer purchases a new point, we recommend sending the live center back to our factory so we can grind the new point to it. This service is free to Royal customers.
  2. Precision ground tapers and single-lead threads ensure that points consistently seat in the same location when they are interchanged, providing maximum accuracy.
  3. Steel shield and neoprene seal protect bearing assembly from coolant and chips for extended operating life.
  4. Shank, head, and points (except #4 blank point), are hardened for wear resistance and long life.
  5. Two precision angular contact bearings help achieve good rpm and load ratings.
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