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Filtermist Standard After Filter

Filtermist Standard After Filter


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If you're uncertain about the specific model or series of Filtermist you possess, please refer to this page for additional details before placing your order.

After filters are available for all Royal Filtermist models. They can be used in any application where extreme high efficiency is required, and are especially useful for dealing with the following conditions:

  • Applications where heavy, dry smoke is generated along with the mist.
  • Applications that produce very fine mist particles which may sometimes bypass the impaction process, (jobs that run at very high spindle speeds, high-pressure coolant, etc.).

Important – An after filter should not be used to compensate for blow-thru that could result from improper installation. If you have questions or concerns about your installation, please contact us.

Standard After Filter Advantages

Easy Installation
The Royal standard after filter simply slides over the Filtermist motor and is secured in place with two toggle clips.

High Efficiency
Adding a standard after filter to a Royal Filtermist unit will greatly increase efficiency in the sub-micron range.

Noise Reduction
An after filter reduces the noise level of a Filtermist unit by approximately 3 dB.

Long Life
Royal standard after filters have extended service lives due to their large surface area. They also last longer because the centrifugal impaction process of the Filtermist removes most of the pollutants before they ever reach the filter. Systems that rely entirely on media filters for the filtering process tend to have much shorter service lives.

Full Range
Standard after filters are available for all size Filtermist units. Models are also available for older series units.

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