Royal R8 Quick-Change Body Royal Endmill Tool Holder

The Royal Easychange R8 Quick-Change Tool System provides a fast method for changing tools on any Bridgerport-style milling machine. Once the R8 body is installed in the machine spindle, tools can be changed in seconds. Total system runout is less than 0.0005" TIR.

Easychange operation is simple — with one hand simply depress the brass locking button and rotate the collar to the locked-open position. When a new tool is inserted, it depresses a spring-loaded pin, snapping the collar back into the locked-closed position.

Please note that the Royal Easychange R8 Quick-Change Tool System is designed for light/medium-duty applications where the ability to change tools quickly outweighs the need for extreme rigidity. We do not recommend using this system for heavy milling or high-production applications.

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