Stealth Mist Collection System

The Stealth Mist Collection System is designed to capture and filter out contaminated air. Removing oil, coolant mist, smoke, dust, odors, and fumes makes your shop a cleaner, healthier place to work.

You save money because reclaimed, liquified oil or coolant is recycled back to the machine sump and purified air can be vented back into the shop, eliminating the need to exhaust air outdoors.

The Stealth incorporates our patent pending ELIMINATOR technology as an integrated part of the system. Constructed with all-welded steel, the Stealth is powder-coated with a highly chemical resistant epoxy finish. Equipped with a durable, efficient direct-drive cast aluminum blower, the Stealth is quiet and requires very little service. It is one of the most energy efficient systems available.

Stealth vertical systems can be mounted on most machining centers or suspended from the ceiling. It can also be mounted on a pedestal stand or directly on the floor.

The Stealth Mist Collection System is proudly manufactured in the United States of America.

Custom Applications

We specialize in custom fabricating mist collectors to meet our customer's needs. We also offer stainless steel units.

Please contact us for further information.