Royal Products offers a range of collets for a variety of turning and milling applications:

  • 5C Internal Expanding Collets for holding workpiece ID's ranging from 1/4" to 6".
  • 5C Step Collets that can be bored to size for parts up to 5-1/2".
  • Ultra-Precision ER Collets in both standard and sealed models, inch and metric collet bore sizes.

With outstanding quality and very competitive pricing, Royal Internal Expanding Collets, 5C Step Collets, and Ultra-Precision ER collets offer unbeatable value.

Additional Information:

Royal 5C Expanding Collets

Royal 5C Expanding Collet
  • Royal 5C Internal Expanding Collets grip on the inside diameter of a workpiece, enabling the complete OD to be turned.
  • The accu-length design ensures precise workpiece positioning - no z-axis movement.
  • The collet head is easily turned to the required size, and can be re-machined as necessary.
  • Concentricities of 0.0002" can typically be achieved using Royal 5C Expanding Collets.
  • These collets are manufactured from 1144 steel that can be hardened after machining for wear resistance

Royal 5C Step Collets

Royal 5C Step Collet
  • Royal 5C Step Collets allow large diameter parts to be held in a 5C collet.
  • The head can be easily bored out by the customer to the desired size.
  • 1-1/4" head thickness allows for a 1" bore depth.
  • Royal 5C Step Collets are made from 1144 steel and can be hardened for wear resistance.
  • Avaiable with head diameters ranging from 2" to 6".

Royal Ultra-Precision ER Collets – Standard and Sealed

Royal Ultra-Precision Standard ER Collet
  • Full inventory of standard and sealed models, inch and metric bore sizes
  • Ultra-Precision Accuracy - 0.0002" TIR guranateed
  • Sealed models are high-pressure coolant approved to 1400 psi and ensure 100% collant delivery to the tip of the cutting tool
  • Royal mechnically-sealed ER collets are superior to other brands that use silicon/rubber plugs