Royal Collet Fixture

Royal Products offers several different types of Collet Closers and Collet Fixtures for Rotary Tables, Indexers, and Stationary Applications.

Our most popular model, a 5C pneumatically actuated unit, can rotate a full 360-degrees, making it ideal for use on rotary tables. A low-friction model of this closer is avaialble for use in welding applications.

Also popular for rotary table and indexer applications are our 5C, 16C, and 3J manual collet closers. These units are operated via an internal cam mechanism, and are configured for both four and six-slot mounting.

For stationary applications, Royal offers a pneumatic closer that utilizes internal balls and inclined planes to produce high gripping force while maintaining a small footprint. Additionally, a 5C four-station cam-operated collet block is avaible for vise applications.

All models incorporate Royal's Accu-Length design where the collet and workpiece remain fixed for precise length control.

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