Royal CNC Collet Chucks provide a simple, low-cost method for utilizing collets on all CNC lathes and turning centers.

For many years, CNC collet chucks that used spring-style collets (5C, 3J, S-26, etc.) were the industry standard.

However, that has now changed with the introduction of the Royal Quick-Grip CNC Collet Chuck.

While we still offer the older-style spring-collet chucks in our Low-Profile line, the Royal Quick-Grip offers several significant beneifts that give them a clear advantage. These include:

  • Ten-second collet changes that drastically reduce setup times
  • Ultra-precision accuracy of 0.0002" TIR of better - no time wasted boring to size
  • Parallel-grip collets that ensure superior accuracy and grip force by maintaining full-length workpiece contact
  • Full 1/16" industry-leading gripping range to easily handle undersized and ovesized bar stock - more than 12x that of a spring collet
  • Extremely compact dimensions - overall lengths are the shortest in the industry for maximum z-azis turning capacity
  • Royal's exclusive Bolt & Go Mounting Advantage completely eliminates the need to hassle with jack screws trying to cancel runout

All Royal CNC Collet Chucks are proudly made in USA and have been approved for use by all major machine tool builders. Each Royal collet chuck includes a custom-machined drawtube connector for hassle-free installation, and employs our exclusive Bolt & Go Mounting Advantage.

In an effort to provide our customers with the best possible service, Royal Products keeps an inventory of roughly 750 chucks and over 100 distinct drawtube connectors on hand at any given time. This commitment to inventory assures that virtually all Royal CNC Collet Chuck orders ship within 24-hours. In fact, the majority of our chucks ship the same day they are ordered!

Additional Information:

Royal Low-Profile CNC Collet Chucks

Royal Low-Profile CNC Collet Chuck
  • Royal Low-Profile CNC Collet Chucks have been optimized for oustanding accuracy and rigidity.
  • The low-profile nose of these chuck models offers excellent tool clearance.
  • Pullback models offer a great low-cost workholding solution, while the Accu-Length models provide precise workpiece length control.
  • All Royal Low-Profile CNC Collet chucks incorporte our exclusive Bolt & Go mounting feature.
  • Royal Low-Profile CNC Collet Chucks are avaialable for the following collet styles: 5C, 16C, 3J, S-20, S-26, S-30, S-35, and S-40.
  • Gripping capacity ranges from 1/16" up to 4".
  • Each Royal Low-Profile CNC Collet Chuck includes a collet wrench, mounting hardware, and a custom-machined drawtube connector for hassle-free installation. S-type models also include a master collet.
  • Emergency collets and custom collets are available for all S-Type chuck models.
  • Proudly Made in U.S.A.
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Royal Quick-Grip CNC Collet Chucks

Royal Quick-Grip CNC Collet Chuck
  • Royal Quick-Grip CNC Collet Chucks set a new standard in workholding by offering ten-second collet changes.
  • These chucks utilize unique collets that feature an industry-best gripping range of 1/16", enabling them to accommodate large variations in workpiece diameter.
  • Royal Quick-Grip Collets incorporate parallel grip functionality, ensuring that the full length of each collet segment always remains in contact with the workpiece, producing maximum holding force.
  • Ultra-precision accuracy - all Royal Quick-Grip CNC Collet Chucks are guaranteed to 0.0002" TIR.
  • With their extremely short lengths, Royal Quick-Grip CNC Collet Chucks maximize a lathe's z-axis capacity.
  • Royal Quick-Grip CNC Collet Chucks are available in both Pullback and Accu-Length styles.
  • Royal CNC Collet Chucks are easy to install, and incorporate our unique Bolt & Go Mounting Advantage.
  • Proudly Made in U.S.A.
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Royal Collet Chuck Accessories

Quick-Grip™ Collet Installation Tool

Royal offers a range of CNC Collet Chuck Accessories for improved performance, including:

  • Emergency collets that can be bored to size by the user
  • Custom-shape Quick-Grip collets
  • Ejectors for sub-spindle part removal
  • Collet stops
  • Hardened and ground adapter plates
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